Our Brand Launch:
Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Our Brand Launch:


A message from Dale Carnegie of New York

           Chief Executive Officer Joe Hart                     Chief Branding Officer Michelle Bonterre       Chief Franchisee Advocate Jean-Louis Van Doorne

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C.E.O Joe HartWe've captured in many ways the essence of what Dale Carnegie is. We've captured the emotion that people feel coming out of one of our programs, the excitement, the enthusiasm, the confidence, the zest.

C.B.O Michelle Bonterre This is a platform for us to sing. It's a platform for us to shout out to the world about the value that we bring, the difference that we make in peoples lives. That's what's exciting.

C. F. A Jean-Louis Van DoorneIf we have a stronger brand, we'll be able to impact far more organizations and far more people. We'll allow our associates to have a better career. And we'll allow franchisees to have a better business.

Dale Carnegie’s brand launch will be something that occurs throughout 2017. 

"It' About The Power of Transformation, From Within."

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