Dale Carnegie Training of San Antonio- Power Hour
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Dale Carnegie Training of San Antonio- Power Hour

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Networking Breakfast

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We meet once a month

Cost: $10

Time and Location

From 7:30 - 8:50 AM

3rd Thursday of each month

Location: TBA

Continental breakfast served courtesy of our friends at TBA

Are you looking for a little more power?

Dale Carnegie Training of San Antonio works with all levels whether corporate based, managerial based, or an entrepreneur; you will connect, share, and grow with motivated and inspiring leaders. The ability to network has been identified as an essential skill for business success, regardless of occupation. The goal is to bring you an innovative way to stand out from the crowd and have people remember you.

Do you want to be known as a problem solver, an outstanding team member, and a diplomatic change agent? Do you want to be perceived as polished, professional, and friendly?

Our Power Hour will cover an array of topics through out 2016 to help you become more involved in your industry, which in turn can increase your credibility with your customers, partners, investors and suppliers. If they know you are dedicated enough to your craft or industry to get involved outside of your own venture, they’ll be able to detect your ability to innovate and grow with them. Displays a consistent ability to build solid relationships of trust and respect inside and outside of the organization and the ROI with us will come straight away.

Our videos, catalogs, and social media are available to our community.

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Change your view of networking from “notworking” to “alwaysworking” with us!

We will provide a tool to help you succeed in networking

  • Our "Conversation Stacker" you will not feel awkward at another event again!
  • This is a powerful networking strategy that you can use on the day of the Power Hour!
  • Win Prizes and more!
  • Seating people -reserve your spot today!


“Your network of friends, colleagues, clients, and customers is the most important marketing vehicle you've got; what they say about you and your contributions is what the market will ultimately gauge as the value of your brand. So the big trick to building your brand is to find ways to nurture your network of colleagues -- consciously.” —Tom Peters 

Watch this short video on how you can grow your business with Dale Carnegie Training of San Antonio. 




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